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What can we do for your hotel?

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We make your hotel attractive for Millennials.

Are you ready for the biggest new group of travelers? The #hashtag generation, born after 1990 wants more than a room; they expect a personal, fast, mobile digital service. Prepare your hotel for the future and work with us.
Many hotels have outsourced their online sales and marketing to OTA’s. This was never a real partnership; OTA’s use hotel rooms to make money with a high commission. The results go from bad to worse; hoteliers are losing control over their sales; the hotel website’s being pushed back in Google and room rates are dictated by OTA’s.

We increase your direct bookings.

Hotel Marketing Support offers consultancy and practical solutions. Go for an outstanding digital strategy and power up your online presentation and social media presence. With dedicated teams, we create multi-lingual content that will make your hotel findable in Google.

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