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Our team always starts with a free analysis of your hotel sales and marketing activities. You could be spending time (and money) on things that could be easily automated, or you are overlooking some networks in countries you should be present. Maybe nobody reads your e-mail because it does not have a responsive design. All situations are different; that’s why we create tailor-made Service Packs. In general, Hotel Marketing Support offers these services:

• Create or upgrade your online website presentation to new standards.

• Create mobile friendly newsletters, easy to read on all devices. And we track how many people opened your newsletter.

• Manage your social media channels; from daily to weekly posts, quizzes and inspiring news to get more customers.

• Write ranking content for Google; this is a specific skill that counts for Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird.

• Activate customer retention. Data mining based upon guest profile and performance.

• Generate more direct bookings with a powerful combination of social, mobile, e-mail and location based marketing.

In addition, we can advise you about the best solutions for Business Intelligence and Guest Performance systems, Mobile Apps for in-house RevPOR, and the most effective SEO and SEA planning.

Your Hotelmarketing Service Pack
After the analysis, we create your Service Pack; with the most essential needs. Based upon our efforts, we work with a monthly retainer and reports, to give you an update on what’s happening. Management of actual subjects regarding sharing services and content can be scheduled and updated once a month with one single e-mail to our service desk. This input from your side could or should be about your promotion of the upcoming month. We will bring your hotel more visibility in the most important social media channels from where the visitor is redirected to your website. If possible, we use deep-links to specific sections in your website; by doing this your website will be better indexed by Google and people read more web-pages.

Before we start with our monthly Service-Packs, it is important your marketing basics are up to date. What do you do to attract new guests? How do you stay in touch with the guests of last year? Are you connecting your social media with guests inside the hotel? Is your website well connected with social media and does it display your hotel in the right way (and size) on a tablet or a smartphone? Remember that lots of people search online from a mobile device, so you better make a good impression. Also, important to have your name registered in all relevant social media channels. Don’t think only Facebook, but be there where your most ideal customers are living. Russians use Vkontakte; Brazilians prefer Orkut and Chinese tourists look at pictures in Baidu.

Free Hotel Marketing Scan
With our Free Hotel Marketing Scan, you get more insight in what marketing and communication elements should improve. We go through all contact moments you have at this moment and your general ‘tone of voice’. The outcome of the Free Scan will help you innovate and upgrade your service level.

Business Intelligence, Guest Performance, Mobile Apps, in-house RevPOR, hotelmarketing, sales support, innovation, digital, millennials, young travellers

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Guest Circle

There are five main contact moments with your guest we work on:

1 – Attract with added value
To be attractive for new guests, you can do better than offering the lowest price. You might ask yourself if you want guests that search for a bargain, using cheap pricing websites that use your hotel name online. Instead of using the negative price tool, you’d better think in terms of added value. If you are prepared to give away 20%, think what you can give extra for that money. Be creative, use seasonal events in a combination with your rooms.

If you share memories, you will automatically attract new guests. People love to read and see the reviews of guests, so motivate people to leave a review on your website. We will write monthly about your hotel and special activities that can be booked in combination with the room. If people are searching for a hotel and scuba-diving, museums or a gastronomic surrounding, use this to create unique content. With content marketing for a specific audience, your hotel will be on their first page of Google.

2 – Inform and convince 
A crucial moment; your future guest found you in Google and clicked to your hotel website. Now it is time to sell your hotel with a WOW website! Use latest technology to display large images that demonstrate your services and quote your happy guests. Make sure your website works well on all devices, from PC to tablet to smartphone. Put new content on the website like local events and invite people on every page to book now. If people are enthusiastic, they must be able to book on your website with an easy form or a direct phone number.

If your website needs more WOW contact us for a free consult and an estimate to renovate the entrance. Remember, we deliver state of the art websites including a booking system.

3 – Book online
Did you convince the visitor? Make the booking swift and easy, by using a global payment system. Send them, after the reservation little messages before they arrive. About upcoming events, parking facilities and pre-bookings for your spa. After RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) it is time to work on your RevPOR (Revenue Per Occupied Room).

4 – Memories to share
Invite your guests to share their holiday moments and pictures on your website. Share this on your social media channels. Give away a bottle of champagne each week for the best, funniest or most romantic picture. Keep in touch with your guests and Fans by posting weekly or monthly updates such as pictures, events and special arrangements in your social media channels.

5- Enjoyed your stay? Do come again
This is where guest retention starts; will your guests of today come back tomorrow? Turn guests into ambassadors for your hotel. Ask them to connect with you online; creative in-house communication helps you to communicate fun and relevant reasons why they should stay in touch after the holiday. If you have no in-house communication, we can provide you with the essentials for your hotel.

If your guests enjoyed their stay at your hotel, they would appreciate the reminder about their holiday. Send an e-mail to thank them, or a simple postcard. A perfect moment to ask them to invite friends to your hotel. If they act as a referral, they will be rewarded with a free night stay the next time they visit your hotel. Of course, only if the booking is done directly on your website.

About email marketing
Did you know that 80% of business travellers and Millennials open their emails on a smartphone? In our Service-Packs, we offer twice or four times per year a professional e-mailing about the upcoming season and your promotional offers. Make sure your e-mail is well designed and does not have large images. That will frustrate mobile users if they have to download 3 megabyte to read a promotional offer. Our e-mails are sent by spam-friendly servers, light to read and fast to load, they look great on every device and provide you with a detailed report who opened it and actually went to your website. Of course, people can subscribe automatically on your website to your newsletter.

Try a Service Pack for your hotel and see that it works!

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