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Make your hotel future proof for the hashtag generation

hashtag generation, travellers, Millennials, the Selfie-generation, hotel, future, improvement, communication, marketing plan, digital strategy, community

What makes your hotel more unique than your competitors for the hashtag generation? If you use PRICE as your best competitive weapon, you will not win the race. Dumping your accurate calculated room rates on the on-line market, will only damage your brand and your image. You have to adjust to a changing market, a market that is willing to pay a fair price, but expects that you deliver something more. It is time to make your hotel ready for the Hashtag generation.

The answer how to make your hotel future proof for the Hashtag generation is MASP (Mobile, Added Value, Social, Personal). MASP is our essential mix for young travellers, all so known as ‘Millennials’ or ‘Hashtag generation’.

This modern, tech-savvy audience grew up with the Internet and used their mobile or tablet for almost everything; a search for a hotel is one of the most common things they do. They ask Google, Bing and Yahoo questions, like it is a good friend. ‘Tell me Google, what is the most romantic hotel in Rome with a rooftop swimming pool’. Or ‘Google, help me, I want a modern, hip, hotel with a cool bar and club nearby to dance all night in Istanbul.’

If your hotel is not ‘top of mind’ because the future guest does not know who you are, your hotel should be at least top in Google! And preferably not with an OTA that is only communicating your promotional room rates, hides your corporate website and can not up-sell any interesting extra’s and services.

hashtag generation, travellers, Millennials, the Selfie-generation, hotel, future, improvement, communication, marketing plan, digital strategy, community

Out of date or In tomorrow?
If the Hashtag generation found you online, your hotel website has to be attractive and interactive on a mobile; without fuzzy floating pop-up screens or scrollbar at pages. It is important to be and to stay up to date. Simply because the Hashtag generation is used to modern technology; any hotel that has not evolved with today’s standard will be seen by this this generation as ‘out of date’.

And if your website looks ‘out of date’ on a mobile, the Hashtag generation will think the same about your hotel. ‘They probably will not have WiFi either’ or worse ‘They don’t pay attention to things that matter to me….’. So when you want to change ‘Out of date’ into ‘In tomorrow’, your website is a key point for constant improvement. Accept the fact that a website is never final. Technology and the receiving audience is constantly changing and adapting into new ways to communicate; you’ll need a good team to help you to anticipate and join new emerging online developments.

Create a Community feeling
If you step into the shoes of the next generation guests, you will discover that this hashtag generation loves social media and wants to be part of a popular ‘Tribe’. This ancient community feeling makes them stronger and gives them the ability to share ‘inside information’ from the Tribe with their friends. Sharing unique content makes them look special: they are in frontline of the new and happening. Be aware that the next generation travellers don’t want to be one of the flocks. No, you have to address them personally, either in a DM, by e-mail or even a postcard.

Your community has a function; besides bonding with your guests, it is a great way to show that there are other special people like them. If your hotel is special (and we guess, it is) you should focus on creating your unique community. And that’s is not an old-style rewarding loyalty card! Creating a community requires a digital strategy with two layers: editorial and commercial.

Let us help you
Our team helps to combine both editorial and commercial goals into a clear strategy. To generate content, to get attention that generates more direct web traffic and in the end generates more direct sales. Without paying any commission to a third party.

If you want to know more about the next generation travellers, Millennials, Hashtag generation or the ‘Selfie-generation’, read this global report about them from Havas. Some outcomes: ‘I rather spend my money on experiences than on products’ and ‘Brands are part of my life.’

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