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Of course, you have a marketing agency. And a sales team. But if you want specific expertise about Millennials, and how to reach young digital people in general, we are happy to offer our Hotel Marketing Support. Thanks to the Internet we are as local as you want us to be. The Hotel Marketing Support teams have a rare composition; from sales and marketing consultants to travel bloggers and from online geeks to SEO experts. How we work with you as a client is a process, and can include or exclude whatever you want. You will always have a dedicated hotel marketing support team for your hotel that creates, monitors and delivers on time.

We will bring in our experience to empower your hotel and your virtual reputation. To become successful in your area, it is important that the online basics are covered. Here are some of the most common things to improve for a hotel.

Not on the first pages in Google with a general search
Your hotel has a great website and online booking system, but not a lot of visitors that go directly to your website. If people look for ‘hotel’ and ‘your city’, you are on page 3 in Google. Maybe your website isn’t up to Google’s SEO Hummingbird standard. Or it lacks SEO ranking content. In that way, we can put the focus on SEO optimization, ranked content marketing and social media sharing.

The website does not display well on mobile or tablet
Sometimes a website works fine but does not display well on a tablet or mobile phone. Or you need an online booking system. In that way, we make some technical modifications in a fixed budget. A typical hotel marketing service.

Guest performance
If you’re looking to upgrade your business performance and need a clever system that helps you to define what room rates are best in the region for the coming season, we can help you. It is important to collect (don’t forget to ask!) more personal guest information, to give them a tailor-made offer for their next stay. There are smart systems on the market that we can implement for you.

Inbound marketing
If you have a Top 5 Favorite client nationality; we can promote your content on social pages into local networks outside your country. Facebook is big, but not everybody is on it. Use Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Orkut, and Vkontakte. Make it easy for people to connect with a WhatsApp button on your contact form. Digital ease is key.

Your newsletter takes too much time to create 
With a dedicated team, we can send newsletters that are mobile friendly and full of clever tracking stuff. Find out who opened your e-mail (sales signal 1), who clicked to your website (sales signal 2) and reconnect with them with a personal note.

Your social media channels do not have a clear strategy
Using the same message on social channels like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter is not the best way. In fact, you have to think about how you can use social media to inform your audience. Twitter has been proven to be an excellent concierge service, and Youtube is outstanding to explain how great your restaurant is or how your Spa facilities can be booked. Social media should make life easier for your team and bring in new clients as well.

No automated process for customer retention
Building a relationship with every guest means that you are really interested in them. And in their family and friends; they should come over too. With a customer retention plan, you keep in contact with your guests, in a friendly and informed way. Don’t sell your room rates; bring back memories and inspire them to visit you again.

Not in Google Maps or Google Hotel
Naturally, you want to be found in Google Maps, Hotels and on mobile phones that are in your area. But how do you do that? We can fix it for you, within a week.

Finally, you have all the above, but simply nobody in-house that is in the front-line of modern hotel marketing. That knows how to connect with the #hashtag generation, write SEO friendly content, how to seed this (and where) and how to promote attractive packages and barter deals in an innovative way. We can. For a fixed fee per month (or if you like per project) we deliver a professional skilled commercially driven team, dedicated to your hotel that will get the job done. Contact us here info@hotelmarketingsupport.com

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