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unfair advantage, hotels, marketing, salesHotels that want to get more direct bookings on their website do not always see the possibilities they have to attract new guests via the Internet.

Too often hotels believe that people will search a hotel room based upon the best price per night, while the opposite is true, according to a research of the new commission-free booking platform e-Tripforall. Customer experience is more important than the price of a room. We know that hoteliers do their utmost best to deliver the best customer experience, so how do you create a synergy between what hotels do in real life, and in your online presentation?

Local Authority

The unfair advantage all hotels have is Local Authority. A perfect source for building a new level to your business and to create orIginal and relevant content. And the more local content you know and publish online, the more you will stand out in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Let OTA’s focus on their commission and to sell a room, no matter from what hotel and how low the price is. Their part of the deal will always be the same. But for your hotel it makes a big difference if you start to monetize and magnetize the goldmine you are sitting on: use your Local Authority. By using your Local Authority, hotels can stand up to be the Starting Point (and place to stay) of local activities and events. Claim your area and become the best local publisher in town. This unfair advantage is something only you can use;-)

Every hotel and resort has leaflets, flyers and brochures on their reception desk and sure, you can offer to book a car or a theme park via your hotel. But facing reality and the necessity of a strong online presence, it is wiser if hotels take better use of the content from their local partners. Go beyond the leaflet and create something unique!

Local and experimental

Create unique packages that other don’t have. Every hotel has the same brochures, so leave the comfort zone. Walk through your district to discover new shops and local craftsmen. Maybe not interesting for your hotel, but surely interesting for your guests. Experimental traveling has the future, and you have the power to create this and sell it, together with a room. That is something OTA’s can’t offer. Let OTA’s offer a room, you can sell your guest a room and a unique experience.

Be commercial and creative

Need some examples? An early morning fishing tour on sea or river with a local fisherman. Later that day they will eat the catch of the day in your restaurant. Or invite people to do shopping with your chef. Buy fresh products on the market followed by a workshop how to prepare the most famous local dish. Rent a car and receive a treasure hunt map with presents to pick up (at other partners). People want to have fun and discover a new area. They are willing to pay more for an experience that is not in a standard travel brochure.

Think about what makes your city or village so special. If you’re not creative and commercial, you can always contact Hotel Marketing Support. We discover your local gems, make deals with partners and create commercial packages that sell!


Your unfair advantage gives a win-win; you build a stronger connection with new partners. Plus you create unique content that is local and therefore interesting for Google to present as actual and relevant answer for anyone searching for: ‘What Can I do in……?’

The unfair advantage using your Local Authority will create new packages and unique local content that brings your hotel higher in the search engines and on the timelines of social networks.

Hotel managers, revenue managers, communication managers; go get your unfair advantage!

Ab Kuijer

Front Desk Hotel Marketing Support

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