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About Hotel Marketing Support

Hotel Marketing Support is empowered by IMFS in The Netherlands (www.imfs.nl). Each hotel will have a dedicated team with specific expertise for your desired audience. We work either on project base or with a retainer fee. Our guarantee is simple; first 6 months no new direct clients, no increase of web traffic and no direct booking? Your investment will be refunded. We can offer this because we know that our services deliver results for your hotel!

Stop wasting money on Adwords. Free yourself from your OTA’s. Power up your online presence and contact us today.

Marketing for sales

We are active in three business verticals:

Lead generation through brand-authority

Our expertise in communication since 1997 with young audiences (aka Millenials, the Mobile Generation, the Selfie generation or #Hashtag generation) is valuable for hotels. After all, young people are the guests of tomorrow and your hotel marketing should anticipate on that group.

Hotels benefit from our expertise on how to attract young people and to rejuvenate their brand and services with digital technology. Our fresh look from the outside can help you to find and create added value and services.

We offer our hotel marketing service and support to help you with:

  • sales improvement direct bookings of hotel rooms and packages
  • create a global community with local flavor
  • make bonding and loyalty an easy and friendly process

Hotel Marketing Support gives advice and solutions that are easy to install. Our teams create and design all essentials to communicate and boost your sales and services. From monthly sales promotions, content marketing, social media management to direct-mailings and e-mailings. A mix of traditional and digital marketing solutions, in a tight and transparent budget; exactly what a hotel (or your spa, restaurant, etc.) needs.

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