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Hotel Marketing Support helps to get your hotel or B&B a stronger presence online. In Google and in relevant social media. This is what we can do for you, on interim consultancy or monthly service fee. Analyse and improve your website Analyse and launch or improve your digital marketing Install smart tools for better management of digital marketing Create original, local content for your desired type of guest Distribute content into foreign networks and search engines Convert more traffic into more direct bookings Report on a monthly base Build guest loyalty with personal communication Quality guaranteed. We know our approach works, guaranteed. If we do not succeed to get you more traffic and more direct bookings, we will offer a period of free labour until your website has come back from the "Unknown Pages section" in Google.. Remember, your occupancy rate may go up, but so will the rates at OTAs.. Unless you take action, you will be forced to follow their instructions to define your room rates.. Re-take control of your own website and sales!


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Your loyalty card is out

hms-loyaltycardisout Loyalty cards got introduced in the last century as part of The Guest Retention Plan. But the next generation travellers does not like plastic. They want to be part of a Tribe: your digital community.


How about guest retention?

hotel marjeting, guest retention, young traveller, next generation Did you know that an increase in guest retention by just 5 percent, can lead to an increase in profit by 25 to 95 percent. When did you invite the #selfie generation to come again?


Your hotel on Youtube

hotyel on youtube, marketing online Millennials have an 8 second attention span. If your video is too boring, they look for another hotel on Youtube. Keep the pace with them and provide fast streaming video content.


Service Packs

service-packs-for-hotels If you work with us, you will get a dedicated team, specialized in your area. Our  Service Pack covers all on-line marketing for your hotel; we create and manage your digital assets.

19th Apr 2018
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Do Loyalty Programs Really Create Loyalty? | By Shep Hyken

“Structured marketing strategies.” Now, that’s an interesting way of putting it. Anything you do to get a customer to start to do business with you – and gets them to...

19th Apr 2018
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Is this the most Instagrammable hotel in the world? | lonelyplanet.com

While there is beauty to be found all around the world, some places are practically made to look good on Instagram. Once such place is Anantara Kihavah Villas in the...

19th Apr 2018
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An Aviation Schmooze Fest Reveals a Passenger’s Wish List for Jet Travel

By Brian Sumers, Skift The Gogo stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, where a barista was on hand to serve coffee. The event is the biggest of the...

19th Apr 2018
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Skift Forum Europe Preview: Booking CMO Adds Apartments to Complex Marketing Mix

By Dennis Schaal, Skift Booking.com CMO Pepijn Rijvers has to massage the company’s marketing messages now that it boasts more than 5 million alternative lodging listings. Booking.com Skift Take: Booking.com...

19th Apr 2018
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The mobile payment journey: how to optimise your travel payment experience for mobile

By Sponsored Content Sponsored by Worldpay. When a mobile shopper wants to book a vacation, they go through several steps. From downloading an app to trawling through vacation options, setting...

19th Apr 2018
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Why News of Allegiant Air’s Safety Record Didn’t Surprise Airline Insiders

By Brian Sumers, Skift CBS News produced a damaging report Sunday on Allegiant Air. Pictured is one the airline’s MD80s in Flint, Michigan. Conor Ralph / The Flint Journal- MLive.com...

19th Apr 2018
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Event Planners Deal With Business Model Disruption

By Andrew Sheivachman, Skift The Web Summit 2013. Meeting planners are gearing up for a new reality where alternative revenue streams are more important. William Murphy / Flickr Skift Take:...

19th Apr 2018
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These Are the 200+ Companies Attending Skift Forum Europe

By Rafat Ali, Skift Skift Take: If your company isn’t on our list of companies attending Skift Forum Europe, you’re missing out on an incredible assembly of creativity and insights...

18th Apr 2018
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Homeland Security Facial Passenger Scans For US Airports May Go Nationwide

By Dan Peltier, Skift Facial scans could become more common at U.S. airports. Pictured is U.S. Customs and Border Protection supervisor Erik Gordon, left, helps passenger Ronan Pabhye navigate one...

18th Apr 2018
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Airports Are Using ‘Smart Glass’ to Get Travelers to Spend More on Food and Drinks

By Justin Bachman, Bloomberg Smart glass can make an airport terminal more pleasant, which in turn could boost food and beverage revenue. Bloomberg Skift Take: If smart glass can make...

18th Apr 2018
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Marriott’s Unified Loyalty Program Reflects Its Amazon-Like Ambitions in Travel

By Nikki Ekstein, Bloomberg The new Marriott Rewards Moments marketplace will feature more than 110,000 experiences around the world. Marriott Rewards Skift Take: The biggest challenge for brands like Marriott...

18th Apr 2018
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San Juan Airport Operates on Generators as Puerto Rico Suffers Island-Wide Power Outage

By Jonathan Levin and Yalixa Rivera, Bloomberg The island-wide blackout in Puerto Rico is a nightmare for residents as the island still has far from recovered from Hurricane Maria. Bloomberg...