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Hotel Marketing Support helps to get your hotel or B&B a stronger presence online.

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This is what we can do for you, on interim consultancy or monthly service fee.

We know our approach works, guaranteed. If we do not succeed to get you more traffic and more direct bookings, we will offer a period of free labour until your website has come back from the "Unknown Pages section" in Google.

Remember, your occupancy rate may go up by outsourcing your marketing, but so will the rates at OTAs.

Unless you take action, you will be forced to follow their instructions to define your room rates.

Re-take control of your own website and sales!


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Your loyalty card is out

hms-loyaltycardisout Loyalty cards got introduced in the last century as part of The Guest Retention Plan. But the next generation travellers does not like plastic. They want to be part of a Tribe: your digital community.


How about guest retention?

hotel marjeting, guest retention, young traveller, next generation Did you know that an increase in guest retention by just 5 percent, can lead to an increase in profit by 25 to 95 percent. When did you invite the #selfie generation to come again?


Your hotel on Youtube

hotyel on youtube, marketing online Millennials have an 8 second attention span. If your video is too boring, they look for another hotel on Youtube. Keep the pace with them and provide fast streaming video content.


Service Packs

service-packs-for-hotels If you work with us, you will get a dedicated team, specialized in your area. Our  Service Pack covers all on-line marketing for your hotel; we create and manage your digital assets.

20th Aug 2019
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Five Luxury Takeaways From the Latest Hotel Earnings Season

By Patrick Whyte, Skift The Waldorf Astoria Bali. Parent company Hilton is working on developing another luxury brand. Hilton Worldwide Skift Take: The luxury hotel market continues to evolve. While...

20th Aug 2019
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Travel Advisors Address the Power of Gen Z and the Emotional Quotient

By Maria Lenhart, Skift Three young tourists in downtown Melbourne. At Virtuoso Travel Week, travel advisors learned the impact of young people on family travel decisions and what advisors need...

20th Aug 2019
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Greenland Doesn’t Want to Be Part of U.S. — But It Wants American Visitors

By Rosie Spinks, Skift Two guests meeting the sled dogs before a dog sledding trip in Tasiilaq in East Greenland. Mads Pihl / Visit Greenland Skift Take: Greenland, unsurprisingly, is...

20th Aug 2019
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Skift Global Forum Preview: Booking CEO Glenn Fogel Sees Cryptocurrency Potential

By Dennis Schaal, Skift Glenn Fogel of Booking Holdings believes that new payment systems will go a long way in developing a more seamless travel experience. Pictured is Fogel at...

20th Aug 2019
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Finding the Right Venue Still Plagues Meeting Planners Despite Digital Tools

By Andrew Sheivachman, Skift Cvent Connect 2019 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cvent / Flickr Skift Take: Most planners still have a hard time sourcing and...

19th Aug 2019
How To Make Sales: The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Business

How To Make Sales: The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Business

By Are Morch Looking to make sales and grow your business? This is an area that the majority of companies struggle with, particularly when they are competing in an online...

19th Aug 2019
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New York City Projects Record-Breaking Visitors as U.S. Inbound Travel Cools

By Rosie Spinks, Skift Autumn in Central Park gigi_nyc / Flickr Skift Take: The picture of U.S. inbound travel overall is not particularly bright. But New York City has proved...

19th Aug 2019
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Delta Sues Chatbot Vendor Faulted for Data Breach

By Sean O’Neill, Skift Delta Air Lines planes. The carrier is suing a tech vendor, [24]7.ai, for a breach of data affecting 825,000 passengers. Angus Mordant / Bloomberg Skift Take:...

19th Aug 2019
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Hong Kong’s Instability Is a Boon for Bangkok

By Natnicha Chuwiruch, Bloomberg Infinity pool and the Bangkok city skyline from The Residences at Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Thailand. Nicolas Axelrod / Bloomberg Skift Take: The ongoing political instability...

19th Aug 2019
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Marriott, IHG, Accor and Hilton Invest in Meetings Booking Platform

By Andrew Sheivachman, Skift Attendees at business conference in 2019. QnA Summit / Flickr Skift Take: The hotel industry has had a tough time improving the painful process of selling...

19th Aug 2019
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Hotel Budget Brand RedDoorz Captures Another $70 Million in Funding

By Raini Hamdii, Skift RedDoorz app. RedDoorz Skift Take: The super-budget accommodation sector in Southeast Asia has so much potential. That’s old news. What’s new is super investors have finally...

19th Aug 2019
TAT launches ‘Mobile Car’ information kiosk for tourists

TAT launches ‘Mobile Car’ information kiosk for tourists

By tKoumelis TAT launches ‘Mobile Car’ information kiosk for tourists tKoumelis Mon, 08/19/2019 – 13:19 …read more From:: TravelAsia