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Stop wasting money on Adwords. Free yourself from your OTA's. 

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Hotel Marketing Support helps to get your hotel or B&B a stronger presence online.

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This is what we can do for you, on interim consultancy or monthly service fee.

We know our approach works, guaranteed. If we do not succeed to get you more traffic and more direct bookings, we will offer a period of free labour until your website has come back from the "Unknown Pages section" in Google.

Remember, your occupancy rate may go up by outsourcing your marketing, but so will the rates at OTAs.

Unless you take action, you will be forced to follow their instructions to define your room rates.

Re-take control of your own website and sales!


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Your loyalty card is out

hms-loyaltycardisout Loyalty cards got introduced in the last century as part of The Guest Retention Plan. But the next generation travellers does not like plastic. They want to be part of a Tribe: your digital community.


How about guest retention?

hotel marjeting, guest retention, young traveller, next generation Did you know that an increase in guest retention by just 5 percent, can lead to an increase in profit by 25 to 95 percent. When did you invite the #selfie generation to come again?


Your hotel on Youtube

hotyel on youtube, marketing online Millennials have an 8 second attention span. If your video is too boring, they look for another hotel on Youtube. Keep the pace with them and provide fast streaming video content.


Service Packs

service-packs-for-hotels If you work with us, you will get a dedicated team, specialized in your area. Our  Service Pack covers all on-line marketing for your hotel; we create and manage your digital assets.

17th Apr 2019
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How to Keep Meeting Attendees Off Their Smartphones

By Rayna Katz, Skift TED Senior Fellows Workshop at TED2019: Bigger Than Us. TED Conference / Flickr Skift Take: In the era of smartphones, the traditional meeting format of a...

17th Apr 2019
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How Tiny Homes Are Helping to Broaden High-End Travel

By Patrick Whyte, Skift A ESCAPE Homes unit. Tiny homes can help spread luxury travel to remote places. ESCAPE Homes Skift Take: Size isn’t everything. And tiny luxury homes have...

17th Apr 2019
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Looking Ahead to September: Skift Global Forum and Design Awards

By Rafat Ali, Skift Skift Take: Skift Global Forum 2019 promises to be groundbreaking for many reasons, including the speakers on stage, the pressing themes we discuss, and the inaugural...

17th Apr 2019
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Travel Advisors Will Lobby Sometimes-Clueless Politicians

By Maria Lenhart, Skift Travel advisors went to Capitol Hill on May 8, 2018, to lobby congressional representatives. American Society of Travel Advisors / Flickr.com Skift Take: Contributions to the...

17th Apr 2019
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Notre Dame Is the Global Test Case of the Neglected Tourist Site

By Therese Raphael, Bloomberg Skift Take: Even without Notre Dame, France and Paris will likely define how most western visitors expreinece — Jason Clampet Read the Complete Story On Skift...

16th Apr 2019
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Overcoming the fear of IMPLEMENTATION | By Jeremiah Magone

People are funny.And the way they respond to things rarely makes sense, at least not right away.Just think about how most hoteliers make decisions when it comes to technology upgrades,...

16th Apr 2019
Google My Business Rolling Out Short Names

Google My Business Rolling Out Short Names

By Mike Blumenthal Google has started the rollout of “Short Names”; the ability of a business to create a custom, short URL that then can be used for easy access...

16th Apr 2019
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More Revenue, Same Guests -- How to Make the Most of Each Reservation | By Adam Hoydysh

No one ever said that running a hotel would be easy. With so many moving parts; attending to ever-evolving guest needs, creating a share-worthy property aesthetic, piecing together an all-star...

16th Apr 2019
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What Local News Tells Us About Overtourism: New Skift Research

By Seth Borko, Skift Research The Blue Lagoon, pictured above, is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions. dconvertini / Flickr Skift Take: Sentiment analysis is a burgeoning field that...

16th Apr 2019
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Cutting back on wait times: How hotels can save months of time with the right PMS | By Uli Pillau

Apaleo’s Uli Pillau walks us through the criteria and benefits of choosing a PMS wisely…. …read more From:: Hotel News Europe Share the post "Cutting back on wait times: How...

16th Apr 2019
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The direction of hotel technology beyond the convergence of CRS and PMS | By George Roukas

Much has been written recently about the convergence of central reservation systems and property management systems. There are two reasons for all the writing: first, because it represents such an...

16th Apr 2019
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Skift Webinar: Shaping the Hospitality Experience of the Future

By AccorHotels + Skift Skift Take: Today’s hospitality brands have an opportunity to play a much bigger role in the lives of consumers, extending their business beyond the hotel room...