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Your loyalty card is out

hms-loyaltycardisout Loyalty cards got introduced in the last century as part of The Guest Retention Plan. But the next generation travellers does not like plastic. They want to be part of a Tribe: your digital community.


How about guest retention?

hotel marjeting, guest retention, young traveller, next generation Did you know that an increase in guest retention by just 5 percent, can lead to an increase in profit by 25 to 95 percent. When did you invite the #selfie generation to come again?


Your hotel on Youtube

hotyel on youtube, marketing online Millennials have an 8 second attention span. If your video is too boring, they look for another hotel on Youtube. Keep the pace with them and provide fast streaming video content.


Service Packs

service-packs-for-hotels If you work with us, you will get a dedicated team, specialized in your area. Our  Service Pack covers all on-line marketing for your hotel; we create and manage your digital assets.

27th Nov 2019
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Travel Leaders Group Aims to Accelerate UK Growth After Thomas Cook Collapse

By Patrick Whyte, Skift Barrhead Travel staff. the company was bought by Travel Leaders Group in 2018. Malcolm Cochrane / Barrhead Travel Skift Take: With one of the biggest names...

27th Nov 2019
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Syria’s Tourism Industry Shows Signs of Life — But the Comeback Is Controversial

By Rosie Spinks, Skift A Syrian souk at dusk. Marc Veraart / Flickr Skift Take: Is visiting a country an implicit endorsement of its leadership? Or can intrepid travelers frame...

26th Nov 2019
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Africa Needs to Make Conservation a Growth Industry

By Colin Nagy, Skift Zebra at Linyanti Bush Camp on the border of Botswana’s Chobe National. As part of African Bush Camps, it donates profits from safaris to local communities....

26th Nov 2019
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How the California Wildfires Are Impacting Tourism

By Maria Lenhart, Skift California tourism must cope with a lack of affordable housing for service workers trying to live in areas ravaged by wildfires. Pictured, Pamela Harris sheds tears...

25th Nov 2019
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Los Angeles Tourism Invests in India With Influencer Campaigns

By Rosie Spinks, Skift Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. Lei Han / Flickr Skift Take: Indians are keen to travel to Los Angeles — that much is clear. But...

25th Nov 2019
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Marriott’s Mission: Make W Hotels Cool Again

By Nancy Trejos, Skift Marriott International plans to renovate the W Union Square in New York as part of its brand refresh of the once hip W Hotel brand. It...

22nd Nov 2019
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Tencent Bets Big on Ctrip-Backed LvYue Hotel Group: Travel Startup Funding This Week

By Sean O’Neill, Skift An image of the lobby of the 69-room Vyluk Hotel in Chongqing, China, which is run by LvYue, a hotel group that’s a strategic investment of...

22nd Nov 2019
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Singapore’s New Hotel Automation Stokes Big Brother Image

By Raini Hamdi, Skift Singapore is seeing more arrivals despite surveillance. Hotels that use facial recognition technology to automate check-ins now have to send guest data to the immigration department....

21st Nov 2019
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How to Make Reserving Room Blocks Less of a Gamble

By Isaac Carey, Skift Conference attendees grab lunch at the hotel buffet. Province of British Columbia / Flickr Skift Take: It’s tough to provide event housing when the financial risks...

20th Nov 2019
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Booking Holdings and Expedia in Arms Race to Deliver the Connected Trip

By Dennis Schaal, Skift Travelers check an information monitor as weather causes flight cancellations and delays during a winter storm in Boston, Massachusetts, February 5, 2014. Dominick Reuter / Reuters...

20th Nov 2019
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The Rise of Smart Airports: A Skift Deep Dive

By Sean O’Neill and Brian Sumers, Skift The main hall of Beijing Daxing International Airport in October 2019, one month after its opening. British Airways Skift Take: After years of...

20th Nov 2019
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Travel Agency Social Hubs Invite Passersby to Join the Party

By Maria Lenhart, Skift The Departure Lounge travel agency in Austin, Texas draws walk-in business with its inviting atmosphere. Departure Lounge Skift Take: Storefront travel agencies may be fewer in...