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Hotel Marketing Support helps to build your digital marketing strategy. Our hotel marketing services, on interim consultancy base or a monthly service fee. • Analyse and improve your website • Analyse and launch or improve your digital marketing distribution • Install smart tools for better management of digital marketing • Create original, local content for your desired type of guest • Distribute content into foreign networks and search engines • Convert more traffic into more direct bookings • Report on a monthly base • Build guest loyalty with personal communication • Quality guarantee

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Your loyalty card is out

hms-loyaltycardisout Loyalty cards got introduced in the last century as part of The Guest Retention Plan. But the next generation travellers does not like plastic. They want to be part of a Tribe: your digital community.


How about guest retention?

hotel marjeting, guest retention, young traveller, next generation Did you know that an increase in guest retention by just 5 percent, can lead to an increase in profit by 25 to 95 percent. When did you invite the #selfie generation to come again?


Your hotel on Youtube

hotyel on youtube, marketing online Millennials have an 8 second attention span. If your video is too boring, they look for another hotel on Youtube. Keep the pace with them and provide fast streaming video content.


Service Packs

service-packs-for-hotels If you work with us, you will get a dedicated team, specialized in your area. Our  Service Pack covers all on-line marketing for your hotel; we create and manage your digital assets.

07th Aug 2020
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How One Upscale Australian Hotel Group Used the Crisis to Rethink Everything

By Cameron Sperance and Sean O’Neill, Skift A view from a king suite at View Hotels Sydney Harbourview property in Sydney, Australia. The upscale independent hotel chain refreshed its brand...

06th Aug 2020
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Thailand’s 60th Tourism Anniversary Turns to Nightmare as Longstanding Travel Agencies Start Closing

By Raini Hamdi, Skift The Grand Palace in Bangkok. Raymond Ling / Flickr Skift Take: Five months without revenue would challenge even the best operations. As travel agencies start closing...

06th Aug 2020
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Airlines, Travel Agencies Ponder How Best to Spend Tech Dollars in These Lean Times

By Sean O’Neill, Skift An interior image of a business class cabin on an Air Canada Boeing 787 jet. The carrier has been perhaps the most eager adopter of ATPCO’s...

05th Aug 2020
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Traveler Confidence in Public Health Officials Plummets

By Rosie Spinks, Skift Who’s keeping Americans safe? Skift Skift Take: Travel companies in the U.S. are up against a vexing foe: declining trust in public health bodies. — Rosie...

05th Aug 2020
A Financial Guide to Buying Your First Rental Property

A Financial Guide to Buying Your First Rental Property

By Are Morch Whether you’ve invested in real estate to make a living or you’re renting out your… The post A Financial Guide to Buying Your First Rental Property appeared...

04th Aug 2020
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The 2020 Digital Transformation Report

By AWS Travel and Hospitality + Skift Skift Take: In this report, Skift and Amazon Web Services explore the state of digital transformation in the travel and hospitality sector, providing...

04th Aug 2020
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Booking.com Restructuring Will Pare Its Workforce By Up to 25 Percent

By Dennis Schaal , Skift The Booking.com presence at Web Summit 2019 on November 05, 2019. Booking.com announced deep job cuts on August 4, 2020. Paolo Moura Photography / Flickr.com...

03rd Aug 2020
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Travel Blogs Rode a Loyalty Wave: What Comes Next?

By Brian Sumers, Skift The Points Guy moved into new office space in 2017. It racked up big revenues on credit card referral fees. TPG Architecture Skift Take: If you...

03rd Aug 2020
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Corporate Travel Agencies Remake On-Site Operations at Companies

By Matthew Parsons, Skift With office rents rising, some corporations might think twice about dedicating chairs to travel advisors. Arlington Research / Unsplash Skift Take: Archaic throwback to the 1980s,...

02nd Aug 2020
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The Hotel as Cultural Diplomacy: More Important Than Ever Going Forward

By Colin Nagy, Skift The lobby of the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. The Royal Mansour Hotel Skift Take: Cultural diplomacy is often found in museums and cultural initiatives....

01st Aug 2020
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Corporate Travel Giant CWT Paid $4.5 Million in Ransom to Cyber Hackers: Reports

By Matthew Parsons, Skift Cyber hackers, like the one depicted in this photo illustration, made big demands of CWT. Oleksii / Adobe Skift Take: Data breaches often go undetected for...

01st Aug 2020
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The $600 Check Gap and 11 Other Coronavirus Travel Stories This Week

By Dennis Schaal , Skift Food handed out at the a food bank in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as seen on February 16, 2016. Some unemployed travel workers struggle to make...