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28th Jan 2020
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Hotels Are Confused by Rise of Legal Marijuana: Opportunity or Liability?

By Nancy Trejos, Skift Many hotels in states where marijuana is legal are grappling with how to handle it under confusing laws. luckyguy123 / Adobe Skift Take: The legalization of...

28th Jan 2020
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Chile’s Latam Airlines Improves Premium Product Ahead of Delta Tie-Up

By Kristin Majcher, Skift Latam Airlines is installing a new premium economy section on short-haul aircraft. Latam Airlines Skift Take: After changing its fare structure to compete with low-cost carriers...

27th Jan 2020
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Travel Megatrends 2020: Travel Payments Find Path to Painless

By Sean O’Neill, Skift Skift Take: Global payments technology and rules are changing swiftly, led by seamless innovations in Asia that are making life easier for consumers. Travel companies of...

27th Jan 2020
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China Cancels Group Trips as Coronavirus Control Measures Expand

By Steven Schwankert, Skift China’s National Health Commission said it is bringing in medical teams (pictured here) to help handle the outbreak and the Chinese military dispatched 450 medical staff,...

25th Jan 2020
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Urban Innovation Key to Travel’s Future and 13 Other Top Tourism Stories This Week

By Danielle Hyams, Skift Rotterdam has long been considered a leader in innovation. Jbyard / Adobe Skift Take: In tourism news this week, as travelers increasingly prioritize modern amenities and...

24th Jan 2020
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What the Coronavirus Means So Far for the Travel Industry

By Staff, Skift An advisory in Suseo Station in Seoul, South Korea. Ahn Young-Joon / AP Photo Skift Take: The travel industry is starting to feel the impact from this...

24th Jan 2020
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Life House Raises $30 Million for Next-Gen Hotel Franchising: Travel Startup Funding This Week

By Sean O’Neill, Skift A view of a guest room at the Life House Hotel in the Lower Highlands district of Denver, Colorado. The company has received additional venture capital...

24th Jan 2020
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Tourism’s Healing Ways in Japan Show the Flip Side to the Travel Backlash

By Raini Hamdi, Skift Okayama, Japan. Tourism is key to the revival of Japan’s marginal villages. Abercrombie & Kent Skift Take: Tourism is key to the revival of Japan’s marginal...

23rd Jan 2020
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Opening Closed Doors: Can Hotels Do More to Fight Human Trafficking?

By Rosie Spinks, Skift Sara Gelfgren / Skift Skift Take: Human trafficking touches every corner of the travel industry — especially hotels. And while the accommodations sector didn’t create the...

23rd Jan 2020
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Oracle Hospitality’s New Boss Sees Gaps in Its Hotel Tech Portfolio

By Sean O’Neill, Skift Shown here is the hotel reception at a property in the Manquehue Hotel chain in Chile. Manquehue uses Oracle Hospitality’s property management software, called Opera. Oracle...