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22nd Jan 2018
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Hospitality Financial Leadership - Car Trouble | By David Lund

During my career inside hotels I had the pleasure of opening and transitioning several hotels to our brand, processes and systems. This always was a lot of work but well...

22nd Jan 2018
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Mastering hotel tech: Exploring SnapShot’s data and communications layer across a hotel’s operations

By tnooz Hotels are complex. There are many areas that must be mastered every day, without fail. Each department, from revenue management to housekeeping to maintenance to the front desk,...

22nd Jan 2018
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DeskBell as the key to increase the average check of a hotel

As we all know, a guest is the central figure in any hotel business. The hotel is oriented on his preferences and requests when planning its strategy. If it turns...

22nd Jan 2018
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Travel apps strengthen in 2017, airlines start to catch up

By Martin Cowen A global study of 2017 app usage from App Annie shows that travel app usage increased during 2017 and that airline apps are becoming more engaging. The...

22nd Jan 2018
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Malaysia Air Finds a New Use For Its Surplus Superjumbos

By Christopher Jasper, Bloomberg A Malaysia Airlines A380. The carrier wants to use the jets for Muslim pilgrims. Bloomberg Skift Take: Once seen as the future of the airline industry,...

22nd Jan 2018
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Hotel Security: How to Optimise It

Running a hotel business is a lucrative move towards financial success down the road, however, it’s not without its drawbacks. As with any business venture in the hospitality industry, no...

22nd Jan 2018
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Digital disruption in the hospitality industry reinforces customer experience | By Ash Sobhe

The Internet of Things (IoT) – often associated with industrial and factory-floor operations – is moving rapidly into the hotel business, adding a level of smart automation that brings a...

22nd Jan 2018
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Marriott’s Revamp of Aloft and Element Points to the Future of Select Service Hotels

By Deanna Ting, Skift Marriott debuted a new design prototype for Aloft Hotels following feedback from owners and consumers shortly after its acquisition of Starwood closed. Marriott International Skift Take:...

22nd Jan 2018
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Travel Megatrends 2018: Mergers and Acquisitions Focus on Strategic Innovation

By Sean O’Neill , Skift Travel technology companies increasingly get creative with strategic investments in emerging technology. They’re looking more at internalizing innovation and startup culture, rather than merely trying...

22nd Jan 2018
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Hilton CEO Expects to Push Direct Booking Forever

By Hannah Sampson, Skift Hilton President and CEO Christopher Nassetta spoke in the Skift Take Studio after New York’s Skift Global Forum in September 2017. Skift Skift Take: Hilton has...