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31st Jan 2021
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Australia Reopens New Zealand Travel Bubble

By Byron Kaye, Reuters A Virgin Australia aircraft. The Australia-New Zealand travel corridor reopened January 31, 2021. Associated Press Skift Take: Travel bubbles open and travel bubbles close. In 2020...

31st Jan 2021
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Hainan Airlines Among Alleged Victims of $10 Billion Embezzlement at Bankrupt Parent HNA

By Ryan Woo and Meg Shen, Reuters Shanghai-based Hainan Airlines is among the three business units at debt-ridden HNA that says money was embezzled by shareholders. Bloomberg Skift Take: First...

30th Jan 2021
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Destinations Play the India Card and 10 Other Top Travel Stories This Week

By Dennis Schaal, Skift A young Indian lady taking selfie in Singapore’s downtown. Destinations are targeting Indian travelers to make up for Chinese tourists, who are staying home. Adobe Stock...

30th Jan 2021
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Mexico’s Yucatan Tourism Train Project Gets New Backer

By Cassandra Garrison, Sharay Angulo and Daina Beth Soloman, Reuters Tulum (pictured) would be one of the key tourist destinations along the proposed “Mayan Train” project in Mexico. The Mitzikin...

29th Jan 2021
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How Artificial Intelligence Could Reshape How Travelers Book Hotels

By Sean O’Neill, Skift A team leader consults a computer engineer on an artificial intelligence project. Artificial intelligence could provide new technical infrastructure to streamline how consumers buy travel, said...

29th Jan 2021
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Travel Megatrends 2025: Travel Sectors Get Scrambled and Definitions Blur

By Sean O’Neill, Skift Nadia Sgaramella Skift Take: Expect most travel sectors to shed their defined borders, with convergence running wild. But a handful of companies will choose to focus...

28th Jan 2021
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How the Pandemic Changed European Travel: New Skift Research

By Wouter Geerts, Skift Research Skift Take: The coronavirus has hit Europe hard, but the region will continue to receive accolades as the largest destination and largest source market for...

28th Jan 2021
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Filling the Void Left When Travel Lockdowns Shut Down Student Exchange Programs

By Matthew Parsons, Skift World is a Village originally launched to help families organize culture exchange trips for their children. Ethan Hu / Unsplash Skift Take: The pandemic hasn’t just...

27th Jan 2021
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AmEx Expects to See a Rush of People to Travel This Summer

By Niket Nishant and Noor Zainab Hussain, Reuters Tourists are pictured at the Comuna 13 neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, as the the tourism sector reactivates amid the pandemic. Joaquin Sarmiento...

27th Jan 2021
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Corporate Travel Specialists Jump On Subscription Bandwagon

By Matthew Parsons, Skift Apartments at STAY Camden, in London, are available on a subscription basis for corporate clients. STAY Apartments Skift Take: It’s as good a time as any...