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29th Jul 2020
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Russia Leads Rebound Helped by International Flights: Latest Skift Recovery Index

By Wouter Geerts, Skift Research Skift Take: Skift Research keeps analyzing how the travel recovery is shaping up. It’s needed, because demand remains volatile and none of the 22 markets...

29th Jul 2020
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Finding the Right Formula for Promoting Luxury Pandemic Staycations in Asia

By Raini Hamdi, Skift Capella Singapore: Who says locals won’t holiday at home? Capella Singapore Skift Take: Asia’s luxury hotels are competing for staycations with ideas, not price. A valuable...

28th Jul 2020
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What the End of the $600-a-Week U.S. Unemployment Check Will Mean for Travel’s Displaced Masses

By Korey Matthews, Skift A hallway. Many unemployed hospitality workers have been relying on the extra $600 a week in unemployment relief the government has been providing in recent months....

28th Jul 2020
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Executive Q&A: Why Covid-19 Will Bring a Shift Toward Personalized, Experiential-Based Loyalty Programs

By Salesforce + Skift Skift Take: The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that travel brands need to rethink consumer trust and loyalty to adapt to the new normal and truly deliver...

27th Jul 2020
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Why the Ryanair CEO Thinks He Has This Pandemic Mess All Worked Out

By Matthew Parsons, Skift Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is reluctant to make any short-term predictions due to the second waves of coronavirus now appearing. Ryanair Skift Take: Michael O’Leary’s latest...

27th Jul 2020
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How India’s SpiceJet Is Using Tech to Innovate During the Pandemic

By Sean O’Neill, Skift A SpiceJet Boeing aircraft in India. SpiceJet Skift Take: SpiceJet has championed reforms of airport processes that have already changed how all air travelers in India...

26th Jul 2020
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Boutique Hotelier Hoxton Seizes on Social Distancing by Offering Glamping Pop-Up

By Cameron Sperance, Skift The Hoxton is the latest hotel brand to venture into the growing glamping sector of hospitality. The Hoxton Skift Take: Given a pandemic that has travelers...

25th Jul 2020
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Americans Can Travel — But Should They?

By Pam Mandel, Skift Americans are free to travel, but do they have a moral and ethical obligation not to. Denys / Adobe Skift Take: Americans must make tough sacrifices...

25th Jul 2020
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Cruise Lines Have No-Sail Disorder and 12 Other Coronavirus Travel Stories This Week

By Dennis Schaal, Skift Sunset over the Pacific as seen on the Nieuw Amsterdam on October 2, 2018. Cruise lines have been criticized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control...

24th Jul 2020
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Google Made Advertising Concessions to Travel Partners But They’re Still Angry

By Dennis Schaal, Skift Google and some of its advertising partners have clashed over Google’s coronavirus relief efforts. Felice Maranz / Bloomberg Skift Take: Google’s travel ad chief said companies...