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31st Dec 2019
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2010s: The Decade Travel Lost Control of Its Destiny

By Andrew Sheivachman, Skift Police forces in Hong Kong. Associated Press Skift Take: Despite explosive growth, cracks in the global travel sector began to multiply over the last decade. More...

30th Dec 2019
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Bold and Outrageous Predictions for the Travel Industry in 2020

By Staff, Skift Airbnb CEO on stage at Airbnb Open in 2016 to announce its new products. Airbnb Skift Take: One of our goals is to always surprise our readers....

30th Dec 2019
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Rebounding Egypt Offers New Opportunities for Enterprising Tour Guides

By Reem Abdellatif, Skift As its tourism economy continues to rebound, Egypt presents career opportunities for enterprising young tour guides. Mohamed Turisi Skift Take: E-commerce is unlocking new opportunities for...

27th Dec 2019
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The Most Important Story in Hotels in 2019

By Nancy Trejos, Skift Shown here is Villa Pura, a seaside property in Costa Brava, Spain, offered by Homes & Villas by Marriott International. Marriott International Skift Take: The tug-of-war...

27th Dec 2019
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Travel Resolutions for 2020: Top Picks From the Skift Staff

By Skift The Skift team on a beach in Easthampton, New York, during the company annual retreat in June 2019. Skift Skift Take: Skift staffers weigh in on their travel...

26th Dec 2019
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Expedia’s Payout to Its Ousted CEO Could Be Nearly $12 Million

By Seth Borko and Dennis Schaal, Skift Then-CEO Mark Okerstrom of Expedia Group at the company’s Explore ’19 partner conference at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas November 14, 2019....

26th Dec 2019
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Unpacking TUI’s New Hotel Strategy

By Patrick Whyte, Skift A TUI Blue property. TUI Group intends to open up its new online ecosystem to independent hotels. TUI Group Skift Take: Not only is TUI making...

24th Dec 2019
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Germany’s Tourism Success Story Threatened by Worker Shortage

By Iain Rogers, Bloomberg Berlin. German tourism continues to grow. Pawel / Flickr Skift Take: Staffing issues are becoming a big concern in many wealthy tourist destinations. There are simply...

24th Dec 2019
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Ryanair Exec Free to Move to Rival EasyJet, Judge Rules

By Peter Flanagan, Bloomberg A Ryanair aircraft. The company is appealing the decision. James / Flickr Skift Take: This story might not quite be over yet as Ryanair plans to...

24th Dec 2019
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What Have Hotels Done on Cybersecurity Since the Marriott Hack?

By Nancy Trejos, Skift The hotel industry is struggling to protect their guests from data breaches on their mobile devices. rh2010 / Adobe Skift Take: Hotels are ripe for data...